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Imitrex is a prescription medication that is indicated in the treatment of migraine headaches. This prescription medication has been on the market since 1991 when it was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Imitrex is only available by prescription in most countries and is available in many doses and forms including tablets, injections, as well as nasal inhalants so that there is a solution for everyone.

Imitex is available without prescription in the United Kingdome. It is usually sold in 50mg doses which can be doubled if needed. There is no indication that the United States will follow suit any time soon in making Imitrex available over the counter. United States Food and Drug Administration will not allow for Imitex to be sold over the counter because it is known to cause some unintended side effects. These may include a condition where the blood changes to a green-black color. It may have also cause a variety of heart issues including coronary artery vasospasm, transient myocardial ischemia, ventricular fibrillation, myocardial infarction, and ventricular tachycardia. Of course, not all patients will suffer these conditions, but there is a greater risk on the medication than off of it.

Side effects associated with Imitrex include but are not limited to atypical sensations, vertigo, pain and pressure sensations, and fatigue. Every patient will have a unique experience with some experiencing little or nothing in the way of side effects while others experience more severe side effects, and everything in between. Imitrex is generally very well tolerated, but for those who cannot seem to shake the side effects, they will need to discuss other options with their doctor whether or not this continues to be the best treatment option or if there is something that might work better without troublesome side effects. Imitrex

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